The Sikh wear the turban not just as a mark of respect. The turban also signifies dedication, courage and piety. There have been a number of cases where the Sikh community has stood up for humanity, not caring about what the rest of the people would say about them.

In a recent incident, Swaran Singh, 28, from Punjab, took off his dastaar to use it to save a dog. This happened when he was passing a canal while driving down in his car and saw a set of people pointing at the canal. That was when he knew something was wrong and stopped to see. As reported by Mirror, Swaran communicated: 

He saw that a dog was drowning and that none of the people watching on were doing anything about it. So, he decided to go down himself, well aware of the fact that he did not know how to swim. He used a part of his turban to wrap around the dog’s neck and with the other part, he hoisted himself down into the canal. He recounts:


Somebody shot this act of benevolence restoring our faith in humanity:

The Sikh community has long stood for bravery and honour and are not short of such examples.


Sarbat da bhala!

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