Most of us use a brush to paint and fill in the colours but, not this woman.

Hye Sea (according to her Instagram account) uses the Sun to paint. Yes, that’s right. The Sun. 

Twitter user CJ Lawrence, shared a video where the woman can be seen painting with the Sun and a magnifying glass. 

According to Lawrence, she learned this unique style of painting when she was growing up. She owned a magnifying glass and her father was a carpenter and he had a lot of scrap wood, lying around. So, she used that as a canvas. 

Eventually, with trial and error method, she learnt the technique and now she is a pro at it. 

She also has her own Instagram page, MagnifyTheSun, where she displays her artwork. All she uses is a magnifying glass and wood scrap to create solar engraved art and it’s amazing. 

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