From a person having beige flags and orange flags to being ghosted, we’ve seen and heard just about everything in terms of dating. But it seems everyday, a new term is being coined for weird dating scenarios. For instance, today we’ve woken up to the viral term ‘Zombied.’ It’s when a person returns to a previous partner after a considerable period of time.

So basically, returning to a partner or reaching out to them as if you’ve come back from the dead. This includes sending texts randomly to someone after breaking up with them (and after being broken up for a long, long while).

Although the phenomena has existed in dating and relationships since forever. Singer and songwriter Mariel Darling posted a video on TikTok, and has created a word for it. She also went on to say that men are “Tap dancing” around commitment (a reference to Michael Jackson’s music video of the song Thriller).

Zombied, Dating

Some people have shared their own experiences around being ‘Zombied’ online. Here take a look for yourself.

Basically, dating is becoming weird. Or maybe it’s always been weird, but every generation expresses their displeasure of it in an increasingly hilarious way.

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