Coming out as queer may be a terrifying experience for an adolescent who’s coming to terms with it. But it’s often as difficult for the parent who wants to be supportive, yet doesn’t understand how to handle the situation well. And several parents are still confused about what to do and how.

For all those parents with kids coming out as LGBTQ, 40-year-old gay musician and vocal activist Jack Remmington has some advice.

Remmington was at a slot machine in Vegas, when he was approached by a middle-aged father of a child who might be gay.

Eager to know how to deal with being a parent of an LGBTQ child, the dad nervously asked Remmington. This is how the encounter went and resulted in some great advice for parents, siblings, and friends of LGBTQ people.

The dad is commendably already doing his best to create a comfortable environment for his sons.

Like every great parent who is ready to go out of the way for their child, this dad too went the extra mile.

An awesome parent like this would make coming out such a normal experience.