Revisiting some of our artwork from when we were kids, if you've been lucky enough to come across it as an adult, is always a strange mixture of giggling and cringing. Children's drawings are often simply charming, fascinating and give the world a look into the weird, imaginative mind of a mini-human.

And one particularly artistic dad takes his 6-year-old son Dom's charming, fascinating and decidedly weird drawings and turns them into reality. The result is the most adorable thing art and fatherhood have ever made together.

1. That elephant must've had some junk in it's trunk. And it seemed happy about it.

2. Car? Monster truck? Why choose? It's the Monster Car!

3. Never be too shy to tell Dad he's kinda funny looking.

4. "Sweetie, lions are dangerous." Yeah? Why is this one so fuzzy and adorable then?"

5. This fish probably just heard that fish-school is off today.

6. Butterflies are often quite pleased with their cocoon-escaping skills.

7. This is the class-clown giraffe that would make funny faces to make all the other giraffes laugh.

8. The mighty steed of a mighty warrior.

9. And the winner of Most Haunting Lamb in the history of the whole wide world is...

10. I am a steam ship, short and stout. This is my anchor, and this is my smoke cloud.

11. That hooman just looked right at me!

12. When zebra-horse is sleepy AF, but you keep going on and on about your dreams of becoming a unicorn.

13. This ain't no bird you wanna be messin' with! Uh-uh, son!

14. That owl's just remembered the project is due tomorrow.

Aww, right? Aww. If only the world was really as quirky a place as it is in a 6-year-old's mind!

Check out more of Dom and his father's artistic adventures on Instagram.