Daramali village sets a shining example for other countless Indian villages to follow. In this village women have taken over the helm of progression and the village advances daily, in leaps and bounds.

Although Daramali (often spelt Dharamali), in Sabarkantha district in Gujarat has a population of 2000 people, there are no idle hands here. There is 100 percent employment.

The women here have learnt to make phenyl, washing powder, chilli powder and turmeric powder and now sell them, making themselves completely self-sufficient. What's more, they even have an internet center. The women are proficient at computers and can earn around Rs. 4000 just sitting at home.

An ideal village, it has good educational facilities, sanitation and clean drinking water. This unique model of women's independence and self-reliance urged the state government to award them with the 'Skilled Village' award. Watch the inspiring journey of the village here:

Hats off to this self-reliant village and the effort of everyone there!