During a Maoist attack against a Doordarshan news team in Chattisgarh, assistant camera person Mormukut Sharma recorded a heartfelt message for his mother, as he presumed that he would die under the attack. 

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Recently, Doordarshan reporter Dhiraj Kumar, cameraperson Achutynanda Sahu, and camera assistant Mormukut Sharma were under attack by Maoist in Chhattisgarh’s Dantewada district. 

The team had traveled to cover the elections when they were attacked by Maoist, and in the attack camera person Achutynanda Sahu and two police personnel lost their lives.

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However, it was during the attack that assistant cameraperson Mormukut recorded a message for his mother, as he felt that he too may die in the ambush. 

In the video, gunshots can be clearly heard in the background, even as the cameraperson records his message, addressing his mother.  

If I die in this attack, I want you to know I really love you.

Many people took to Twitter to share the video and commented on how difficult life is for journalists working in a conflict zone. 

According to reports, the Maoists attacked the team to warn voters to boycott the Assembly polls. It was also reported that injured personnel were airlifted and are now in a stable condition.