Pairing a black leather jacket with a easy-breezy brown dress, Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone was spotted at the Mumbai airport on Monday evening. 

And needless to say that she was leaving for Paris for her much-anticipated appearance at the red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival.

The 31-year-old actress has been all over social media ever since she landed in Cannes.

Kicking off day one with some laid back sass

Soaking it up before the whirlwind begins

And some excitement right before making her first appearance in front of international media.

And she's all set to kill it.

Styled by Elizabeth Saltzman, the 31-year-old-actress gets her fashion on point with a simple-yet-classy red outfit, especially designed by Johanna Ortiz. 

Source: b'Image Source: Instagram/Salilsand'

Flaunting it away in glory.

She appears for a few interviews by the breathtaking view.

And then she elegantly chooses to take it away in the second round of her interviews with her 'nude' shade outfit, deigned by Galvan London. 

We can't wait to see her sashay down the illustrious red carpet this time. While back in 2010 when she made her debut at the Cannes red carpet as the brand ambassador for Chivas regal. She may have gone unnoticed then. Clearly she has learnt her lesson and making sure she makes heads turn and jaws drop this time around. 

(Image source: Twitter/ Loreal Paris Indian & Deepika Addict)