Tragedy struck when 30-year-old autorickshaw driver Pawan Shah dived into a canal to save the life of a woman and her child. He succeeded in his attempt to save their lives but lost his own in the process. 

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According to the Times of India, the tragic incident happened when Pawan was returning after dropping off a passenger on Saturday when he saw a woman with a baby in her arms standing on the edge of a bridge on the Meethapur Canal. 

Source: News18

When the woman jumped into the canal with the child, Pawan followed suit without a second thought in an attempt to save their lives. He even shouted and called for help. 

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Three men heard his voice and formed a human chain to pull them out of the water. They managed to pull the woman and the baby out of the water.

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But when they went to rescue Pawan, it was too late as a strong current had taken him away. 

The three men, Rajveer, Jamil and Sanjeev then informed Jaitpur police station and cops arrived with a search party. But even after 4 days of searching, his body could not be recovered. 

Source: News18

During the inquiry, the police found out that the woman had tried to commit suicide after a fight with her husband. 

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The cops also informed the Times of India that Pawan's name will be recommended for the 'Jiwan Raksha' bravery award.