It’s no secret that women’s safety in India, and especially Delhi, is appalling. Women have to constantly look over their shoulder every day and be wary of everyone all the time.

But this post by Facebook user Neha Das, reminded us that there are a few people out there who care about safety and security of women.

While Neha was waiting for an auto-rickshaw outside her office at midnight, this autowala stopped by and offered to drop her safely to her destination. Perplexed by his kind gesture, Neha couldn't believe that such people exist for real.

He said:

"Madam main kuch nahi leta ladkiyon se itni raat ko. Unko thik se ghar pahuchana zyada zaroori hein".

The man has garnered praise on social media for his kindness.

Kindness is definitely not dead and people like Praveen keep reminding us of that.