There's a new sheriff in town. His name is Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal, and he's all set to overhaul the rules of parking in Delhi forever. These new rules could mean that a fee will be collected for parking your vehicles in demarcated residential areas.

Source: NPR

According to a TOI report, LG Baijal has reviewed the Delhi Maintenance & Management Parking Rules, 2017 and with a go-ahead from Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot, he will also bring the following changes in rules for Delhi's vehicle-owners:

1. Rates for parking on demarcated public roads will be fixed, in consultation with RWAs.

2. If your building has a stilt parking, but you still park on the street, then you will be charged twice the normal rate.

Source: India Today

3. The fee will increase exponentially with each hour, discouraging vehicle owners to park for a long stretch.

4. No surface parking will be allowed within 500m of a multi-level stack parking.

Source: Accommodationtimes

5. The civic agencies will identify roads for overnight parking of vehicles, which will be charged accordingly.

6. A junk vehicle (petrol or CNG older than 15 years) will be impounded if found on public streets.

Source: India Today

Will the city of Delhi fully accept and adhere to these tough measures to discipline its unruly traffic? We'll have to wait and watch.