“People are sheep. TV is the shepherd.”

― Jess.S. Scott

As the overtures of fresh elections begin to resonate in our Rajdhani, Arvind Kejriwal is back in the thick of things with the media cloud hovering over him.

Media is the painter. The people make the canvas. As for paint, who could be more colourful that Kejriwal?

This ‘artwork’ by mainstream media has been made evident by the 20 headlines listed below, sourced from across the board. After all, everyone lauded him, but everyone took a dig at him.

Revisit AK49, as it starts with jubilation, then doubt sets in, and ends at a sour note.

1. The Hindu: CM Kejriwal Sings Song Of Brotherhood, Crowd Joins

Source: Hindustantimes

2. Business Today: Arvind Kejriwal sworn in as Delhi chief minister, promises change

Source: Newindianexpress

3. Indian Express: Kejriwal Govt Opens Freebie Floodgates: 667 Litres Daily

Source: Hindustantimes

4. The Times of India: CM Arvind Kejriwal keeps another promise, cuts power bills 50% by raising subsidy

Source: Mint

5. Indian Express: AAP Joins The Assembly ‘Club’ But Wary Of Congress, BJP ‘Moves’

Source: Indianexpress

6. NDTV: Delhi with Arvind Kejriwal. Aam Aadmi Party wins trust vote

Source: Economictimes

7. Indian Express: Have A Phone? Go Sting The Corrupt, CM Tells Delhi

Source: Indianexpress

8. Hindustan Times: Break law and we will reward you, seems AAP’s message to people

Source: Jagran

9. Hindustan Times: Aam aadmi spoils Kejriwal’s party, chaos in darbar

Source: Youngistan

10. Hindustan Times: AAP yet to make transition from activists to lawmakers

Source: Googleplus

11. Firstpost: Racism for realty: The truth behind Somnath Bharti’s midnight raid?

Source: Outlookindia

12. Indian Express: Somnath Bharti Again: ‘Cong, BJP Have Pimps’

Source: Dailypakistan.com

13. Indian Express: Capital chaos: Delhi government goes missing

Source: Prokerala.com

14. Indian Express: AAP Panchayat Rules: Minister Somnath Bharti Did No Wrong

Source: Indiatoday

15. Indian Express: After Telling Delhi To Sting, AAP Wants Lokpal To Snoop

Source: Indiatvnews

16. Hindustan Times: Modi, Rahul Gandhi in Ambani’s pocket: Kejriwal

Source: Dna

17. Indian Express: Kejriwal Reminds L-G Of Oath To Constitution, Forgets His Own

Source: Indiatoday

18. Zee News: Arvind Kejriwal adamant, threatens to resign if Jan Lokpal Bill not passed

Source: Reuters

19. Hindustan Times: Kejriwal hits and runs, pulls plug on own govt after failing to table jan lokpal bill

Source: Reuters

20.Diplomat: Kejriwal Resignation: Failure or Strategy?

Source: Dna

His opposition parties might hate him, his voters might have been disappointed by him, but the media loves him.

As the elections arrive, expect a flurry of witty headlines regarding this man, sure to leave a smirk on your face.