What Valentine’s Day? Hum toh Ramlila Maidan jaa rahe hai.

The mood out there is electrifying, our reporters tell us. But if you can’t make it to Kejriwal’s swearing-in as Chief Minister of Delhi today, don’t fret. We’ll give you the blow by blow of what happens. Stay tuned to our live-blog on this page.

And you can trust us to keep things fun!

Live coverage is now over.

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And a bonus. Okay, good bye.

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And with that namaste, dear friends, we come to a close of this live coverage. Thanks for staying with us! #5SaalKejriwal

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Aam Aadmi bolta hai?

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AND Kejriwal reaches his new snazzy office at the Delhi Secretariat. Welcome, CM ji.

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And more readers’ opinion pouring in.

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Thanks for following us!

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And Kejri signs off true Oscar Moment style.

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Smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

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Guess which Kejriwal comment got the loudest cheer? The one about Kiran Bedi being a good person, and a sister to him.

We are not very surprised.

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The ONE thing we were dreading about Kejriwal’s swearing-in as CM. Good God.

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We will restart the anti-corruption phone line that we had started: Arvind Kejriwal #KejriSpeaks Ah. But go slow on the radio ads, please?

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Our epic reader’s epic observation. Go on, LOL a little. Delhi continues to feel proud though.

12:55 PM:

Is Delhi Police listening?

12:52 PM:

The dapper AAP cappers.

12:50 PM:

Trust Kejriwal to introduce comedy in such an august gathering.

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The new CM tells us: Get rid of ego. Look at Congress, BJP. #BURRRRRNN

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Live coverage-ception. Bear with us.

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“Dilli ki junta ne mujhe vote diya hai. Dilli ki junta ne mujhpe vishwas kiya hai.” Damn right, CM sahab. Don’t go breaking this vishwas. Please follow through on your manifesto.

12:40 PM:

People are filing out post oath, Akshay reports. Arre, ruko yaar!

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Even if you are NOT in front of your TV, you must have heard that “Bharat Mata ki Jai” shout in your neighbours TV.

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12:33 PM:

What’s the one thing that sets apart this swearing-in ceremony of a CM from others in history? You. Your vote. Look at that inked finger and feel proud.

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Kejriwal’s cabinet takes its oath. We’re looking at you Somnath Bharti, Rakhi Birla.

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Our reporter is quite enjoying himself as well. See for yourself.

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12:23 PM:

There was pin drop silence till someone just shouted Paanch Saal Kejriwal! Giggles galore through the crowd. Akshay reports.

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12:17 PM:

Kejriwal signs on the official documents. Najeeb Jung congratulates him. Is that relief we see, Mr Jung?

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People are hanging from rooftops of buildings all around. Kejriwal has started taking his oath! #5SaalKejriwal

12:14 PM:

After national anthem the crowd is charged with patriotism. The oath is underway, Akshay reports.

12:13 PM:

Kejriwal to speak any second now. He’s on the stage. Delhi, you get a new CM soon! Wait for it!

12:11 PM:

Funny how there’s no Paanch Saal Kejriwal anymore. All the songs are Bharat Mataki Jai and Desh ki Dharti. “Victory of AAP in Delhi seems to mean revolution for the country?” Akshay asks. Fair point!

12:08 PM:

hAAPpy V-day everyone. This day belongs to Kejriwal now. Do you know he quit on the same day last year? What a poetic comeback!

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Come on, Kejru. We await you. So does the crowd! Look at them cheering!

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People slept here overnight, Akshay reports. Police alert and in position since 4am. A restless cop said, “I have been standing here since 4am, and I’ve not had a drop of water.” An AAP supporter takes out water for him. All laugh.

12:02 PM:

12:02 PM:

Our reporter turns poet at the venue. KVL Akshay writes: The sweltering sun with a light breeze, Yet the people are unhindered and free, There is optimism in the air and a smile on people’s faces, All we need now are our new leaders in their rightful places. Feeling inspired?

12:00 PM:

Kejriwal is in and he’s 10 minutes EARLY, say the cops! This is a first!

11:56 AM:

Kejriwal has arrived at the venue. The crowd is surprisingly disciplined! Another kind of Swachh Bharat?

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11:51 AM:

Bulldozing the opposition. Mood at Ramlila.

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11:38 AM:

Kejriwal left his residence in Ghaziabad a while ago and his on his way to Ramlila. He didn’t forget one thing though: Maa ka ashirwad. Blessings from Delhi too, CM sahab. Iss baar paanch saal. No AK49, please.

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Hullo people! Welcome to the ScoopWhoop live blog. Do not be mistaken, this is no ordinary live blog. While Kejriwal takes his oath (which we shall undoubtedly report to you live) we’ll also be giving you some fun, behind-the-scenes info from our reporters at Ramlila Maidan.This win isn’t just AAP’s or Kejriwals. It’s your win Delhi. And you can trust us to feature you there.Stay tuned!