We joined two of the greatest forces of love--music and zodiac signs--to create the perfect 'love song' for your zodiac sign:

1. Capricorn

When it comes to love you believe in being direct to a fault. Hey, at least no one can doubt your intentions (innocent or otherwise). 

2. Aquarius

Your eccentricities are such that it is hard to figure out if you're crazy in love or just plain crazy. But what no one can deny is you're expressive in love. PDA rules, amirite!

3. Pisces

When it comes to love, you believe in comfort. So, it's your place, your time, and most definitely, you're the one calling the shots!

4. Aries

Headstrong people don't follow rules, they make them. So even the Bajrang Dal can take a hike because when it comes to you being in love, or pretty much anything, it's your way or the highway. 

5. Taurus

In an age of casual hookups, you are the hopeless romantic who still believes in the innocence of love. Here's hoping this Valentine you either lose the rose-tinted glasses or the perpetual dry spell! 

6. Gemini

Your favorite kind of love is self-love. So, this Valentine, you're looking for love but if that doesn't come your way, you're back to an intimate evening with the mirror and you. 

7. Cancer

Even Cactus is not as prickly as you, so it's a good thing it's Valentine where your sappy is considered sexy. This is your day, make it count. 

8. Leo

It's not ego when you deserve all the praise. You know love comes at a price, so you're willing to pay attention to someone other than yourself this special day. 

9. Virgo

You're convinced that if we really could brew love potions in this world, yours would be the strongest. After all, when it comes to love, or pretty much anything in life, you always know best. 

10. Libra

You're on the quest for a new love but with old baggage, and a long list of expectations. Because in your case, the love stories are always great, the endings never so. 

11. Scorpio

Your love is passionate, intense, and always accompanied by a little 'sting' of jealousy. Cuz you may be healthy, wealthy, and wise, but you know, loving you is no less than a vice. 

12. Sagittarius

You love the idea of love. Which is why every time you meet someone new, your lips spell love. Clearly, in your case, it's sau anaar aur tum ek bimaar.

Who wouldn't love a theme song for their love life, so, why not make these yours!

Design credits: Saransh Singh