Each and every girl would agree with me when I say that periods are an irritating pain in the nether regions, like literally. There are cramps, bloating, blood everywhere, and all of it leading to an irritable mood. 

While menstruation still remains a taboo and we don’t really talk about the problems that we go through during those bloody days when we’re riding the crimson tide, this woman came up with illustrations that perfectly sum up the mess that menstruation can be. 

Daisy Bernard, an artist from Oxford, has made a whole bunch of illustrations on the practical issues that every female faces while bleeding. From pads that don’t stay at the right place to that single sneeze that causes a war in the vagina, she has covered it all.

Here, ladies, go through these and maybe feel a little less lonely in your struggles:

1. The uncalled guest arrives and you leave.

2. A bloody war in your pants happens at that very moment, doesn’t it?

3. Remember when a well-wishing friend told you that you’ll get used to it? She was lying.

4. And now you’re going to mansplain my own body functions to me?

5. Wish I could go to my gynaecologist but since she is too judgemental, I’ll let Google tell me I’m dying.

6. The sanitary napkin has one friggin job and it fails so bad!

7. Why can’t there be a dustbin in a ladies’ washroom? Just why?

 8. This cycle just never ends, does it?

9. Aunt Flo just cannot stop from living up to her name.

10. The amount of friends I’ve made who have checked me for stains!

11. Have you ever stalled changing your pad just because people are around? Well, everyone has.

Glad that someone said it!

You can check out more of her amazing art here.