Most of the time, being a woman is abso-fucking-lutely amazing! 

Except when the red siren goes off and your underwear turns into a crime scene. Ugh! Yes, of course, we get it that it’s necessary and all that. But honestly, we could have survived without this red wedding episode airing every month, you know. 

While we do thank the stars (and our ovaries) for not being pregnant, let’s be honest, periods are no joyride. It’s more like an emotionally random roller coaster that rises and falls, much like our hormones, any time it wants. From having a bloated stomach to being super horny, those five odd days are completely unpredictable. 

Here are some thoughts our bodies have when we’re chumming: 

When your stomach is big and bloated!  

Poor stomach gets it always! 

Ah! The back pain is effin’ unbearable.  

Don’t even get me started on how much thighs hurt. It’s barbarically cruel, man.

Hell hath no fury like a woman on her periods! 

Oh, then there are these weird hormones to deal with too. 

Don’t judge. You have to be a woman to feel this. 

All-black is the preferred style on periods. Mostly. 

The first two days are spent popping one Meftal after another! 

When you feel the movement in your vagina and you’re just a tiny bit curious to see what it has thrown out. 

Yum… Junk food needs to be at arm’s length. Always. 

Everything and everyone gets on our nerves. 

Leona Lewis is the only one who understands our emotions.

*I keep bleeding, I keep bleeding blood!*

After every sneeze, you got to go to the loo and see if your pad is still in position. 

Wearing a bra hurts. Not wearing a bra hurts. Everything hurts! 

Tossing & turning, that’s how our nights stretch into mornings.  

But libido is at an all-time high. So FTW! 

No matter what, boyfriend gets it always. 

Dear Ovaries, please don’t be so cruel to me this time over! 

Designs by Gauri Saxena