You know how they say your clothes define you, yeah well the designers, Viktor & Rolf, took it quite literally.

The new collection of these designers made some snarky and sassy statements, when the models walked wearing their latest spring-summer 2019 haute couture collection in Paris on Wednesday, according to E online.

'ROFL'- They're Rolling On Floor and we're Laughing.

The collection ranges from being a poster for anti-social crusaders to rebellious statements.

And we are just happy to welcome new substance for our incessant need to meme-fy everything.

"You should try socialising more."

Every pretentious bio ever-

Because wedding photographers can't seem to take a hint.

Classic instance of me not taking my own advise-

Me during every family function ever-

Dress to impress, bish whaa? I dress to destroy.

Wear your opinion, literally.

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