There is a saying which goes- a legend is always a legend, a hero is always a hero. 

MS Dhoni is that legend, he is THAT hero. 

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He doesn't wear a cape, sure, but he wears gloves and that is all MS needs to unleash his 'superpowers'. 

From winning the World Cup as a first-time captain- to winning it again in a different format- MS has always silenced people who criticise him for not been 'deserving enough'.

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And today was no different. He took a brilliant catch in the ODI against West Indies and it was a perfect slapback for people doubting his abilities. 

Earlier, he was dropped from the team for upcoming T20 series, and while the Board said that it was because it's 'looking at the second keeper's slot', there were people who suggested that it's only fair since he is 37 years old now and not that fit, anymore. 

Too bad for them because he is 37 years old, yes, but he is also fit as hell. 

It wasn't an easy catch but MS ran, dived and took it with the kind of brilliance we have come to expect from him. 

This was enough to send his fans into a frenzy, and here are some of the best reactions we found on Twitter:

Now, while we are talking about the catch, let's also watch this brilliant and unbelievably fast stumping.

There isn't a thing MS Dhoni can't do. He is magical and will always be.