World leaders are larger than life personalities who seem to be always in control. They have been at the top of their powers for some time but it wasn't always the case. These quirky bits of their personalities adds an extra layer to their overall image. Just when you think that a personality can't surprise you enough, they prove you wrong.

Here are a few weird things that world leaders used to do:

1. Hitler loved Disney characters

Hitler had a soft spot for the alleged anti-semitic Walt Disney and all of this characters. Der Fuhrer often enjoyed Disney characters and sketches during his free time from a tiring day at the Holocaust. Hilter was an art student so his love for these sketches is understandable but considering that he tried wiping our an entire race makes it a little odd for him to be a Disney fan. 

Source: Biterama

2. Saddam Hussein used to write romantic novels

One of the most infamous dictators of all time, Saddam, wrote a romantic novel - Zabibah and the King - based on the history of Iraq. Not rooted in reality, Hussein wrote about Zabibah as the fair maiden who gets raped by her cruel husband. Here's an excerpt from the book:

"Rape is the most serious of crimes, whether it is a man raping a woman or invading armies raping the homeland or the usurpation of rights."

This is a pretty rich coming from a guy who had his army rape women and vandalise property in his own country.

Source: Messynessychic

3. Mussolini ate his booger for nutrition

The Italian fascist was responsible for a lot of deaths and also a disgusting habit of eating his own booger. I think he was a little nosy about world politics and that carried on to his personal life as well.

Source: History

4. Joseph Stalin drew naked men

Much like the dream project of any Instagram photographer, Stalin always wanted to capture the human body in its purest form. Stalin drew portraits of naked men because of his obsession with the male body. A little mass-murder after a little nude sketching never hurts anybody.

Source: Emaze

5. Kim Jong II hosted a game of Basketball every year and won it every single time

Remember how Admiral General Aladeen hosted the Wadiya Olympics and won 14 gold medals in the same? Kim Jong II did it before it was cool. The North Korean dictator hosted basketball games very frequently and won those matches every time. He was either as good as Michael Jordan or a tyrant. We all know the right answer to that.

Source: The Guardian

6. Napoleon Bonaparte used to masturbate before a war

Napoleon Bonaparte used to pet his monkey before leaving for a war to calm himself down. This apparently helped him calm himself and get more focused about the tactics of war.

Source: HuffPost

These guys might be leaders but they have their fair share of quirks. Life, in general, has a great sense of humor. We hope that you pick the right qualities from these leaders and not become a genocidal maniac.