It is not often that we see the many shades of the many places in the world. But when you are in India, chances are that you catch a vibrant site unexpectedly even as you simply turn to a corner.

Our social studies' books highlighted the fact that we are a diverse country pretty boldly. But the Instagram account Colours Of India is making sure we get to see that diversity in various hues and colors, pretty literally.

Check out some of their curations.

Sometimes you see innocence, and art, all in a single frame.


And sometimes you see a slice of life, in colors.


At times a day is bright, and so is everything around you.


Sometimes, the wind too catches colors.


And other times, it is just the faces.


Our streets are multicultural and multi-colored.


And nature too doesn't shy away from bringing out its many shades.


Sometimes the houses are as colorful as the lives that live inside them.


Different seasons, different hours, different colors.


And what we do fills our life with meaning and bloom.


We paint the town green, red, pink, you name it.


And we paint our lives that way as well.


Because life isn't all that fun when it is monochromatic, eh?


Therefore, night or day, dark or light, find colors in your life.


Sometimes, everything is bright with just a bit of tint.


Sometimes everything in the surroundings reflects what we feel.


And so does history.


And the love we share.


And the people who make our lives colorful.


Or maybe it is just us, the painter of our lives.


Chromatic diversity, much? Much.