Tea is better than coffee.

This statement will evoke emotions, start heated debates, maybe even a war. It will divide the population into half and half. Or maybe tea will have an edge. Because thanks to our country and its amazing tradition of, "Beta, chai pilao uncle ko", tea definitely has a special status. 

Whatever the occasion is, or not, chai is an integral part of every Indian household. And why not? It has some amazing health benefits. While the regular Tata Tea is our everyday poison (at least 4 times for me), there are other varieties of tea that has some major health benefits. Here's some tea wisdom for you: 

1. Green Tea

Want to lose weight? Want clearer skin? Or just need to detoxify? Whatever your need be, green tea is the best solution. With a good amount of antioxidants in this brew, it is your go-to for all ailments. The taste takes some getting used to, but the benefits are manifold. 

2. Lemongrass Tea

This is a wonder herb. It's analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antiseptic, antibacterial, anti-fungal... The list goes on. This one brew has so many healing properties that you would never have to touch a medicinal drug ever. 

3. Ginger Tea

Indians love adrak ki chai and quite rightfully so. This pungent brew might smell funny, but a little bit of honey should do the trick. From motion sickness to fertility problems, this root is a cure for many ailments. 

4. Peppermint Tea

Thanks to its mentholated flavor, this herb is the best if you want to keep bad breath at bay. Not just that, its soothing property can help with an upset stomach too. So the next time your stomach is rumbling, just give it a shot of peppermint tea. 

5. Chamomile Tea

This little flower herb is super abundant in healing properties. One cup of this light-coloured, naturally sweet tea before bedtime and you're in for long peaceful sleep.

6. Marigold Tea

Yup, this flower is more than just a pretty flower. The Calendula Officinalis species of the flower is super rich in medicinal properties. So much that some books on cancer have even listed this particular species under a possible cure. 

7. Lavender Tea

What is it with flowers, right? Well, as it turns out lavender too has a lot of healing properties. Even crushing the flower in your hand and rubbing it on a wound can do wonders. Imagine what wonder lavender tea can do. 

8. Hibiscus Flower Tea

With a taste similar to cranberry juice, this sweet-sour drink is a true elixir. From boosting your immune system to taking care of your stomach ailments, this pretty red flower can heal, cure and fix your whole body in one gulp. 

9. Cinnamon Tea

You've had cinnamon pancakes, but have you had cinnamon tea? If not, then now is the time. Because this wholesome spice when grounded and added to boiling water can have some amazing health benefits. It can regulate your menstrual cycle and help you lose weight as well. Ain't that something? 

10. Saffron Tea

One of the most expensive spices in the world, saffron is the most coveted of all. Why shouldn't it be? It's a mood buster, it's the drug to calm your PMS symptoms and it's the pill to boost your memory. Half a pinch of this exquisite spice can do wonders for your body. 

11. Red Rooibos Tea

Have a nagging headache? Suffering from eczema? Need relief from asthma? Rooibos tea is the cure for everything. It is rich in many minerals including, iron, calcium, potassium, copper, manganese and zinc. It is also completely caffeine free, so it is prescribed by doctors as well. 

12. Moroccan Mint Tea

With its super calming properties, the Moroccan mint tea acts as a mild sedative. The herb is also rich in vitamins and other essential minerals that makes it the whole deal. It has proven effective for treatment of skin ailments, stomach problems and is also a great remedy for bad breath. 

13. Tulsi Tea

Almost every Indian household will have a tulsi plant, no matter what. After all, it is the most important ingredient of every nani ji ke nuske. Blocked nose? Tulsi ki chai piyo. Have fever? Tulsi ki chai banao. Whatever your ailment is, tulsi will always come to your rescue. 

14. Jasmine Tea

In earlier times, Jasmine tea was only served to royalty. Because that's how coveted it was. The antioxidants in the tea helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing your skin. Imagine not using creams to slow down the ageing process. That's something, right? 

15. Passionflower Tea

All your menopausal problems, all your breathing issues and even insomnia - this flower's sweet extract can cure everything. 

16. Spearmint Tea

If it has mint, it has to be good for your bones and oral hygiene. But apart from that, if you're going through some hormonal imbalances or have PCOD, then there's no better cure than a cup of spearmint tea every day. 

17. Lemon Tea

If this is the first thing you drink in the morning, then there's nothing better you can do for your body. It revives your body, balances your pH levels, promotes weight loss and clears your skin. All in all, the best drink to have when you're feeling down. 

18. Black Tea 

While both green and black tea are made from the same shrub, it's the processing method that makes the brews different. Drinking black tea reduces plaque formation, lowers risk of a stroke and can to a large extent prevent certain types of cancer as well. 

Tea is clearly the obvious winner here. So, is it tea time yet? 

Chai-licious designs by Puneet Gaur