Just when we thought he was done obsessing over Hollywood celebrity, Kylie Jenner, Diljit Dosanjh has (sort of) professed his love for her publicly yet again.

Image Source: Diljit Dosanjh (L) & Kylie Jenner (R)

The 34-year-old Punjabi singer and Bollywood actor has recently released his first song 'High End' from his new album CON.FI.DEN.TIAL and guess what?

Diljit Dosanjh | Image Source: High End /Screen shot

He makes a reference to Kylie and her elder sister, Kim Kardashian in the lyrics.

Image Source: Kim Kardashian (L) & Kylie Jenner (R)

Can't believe?!

Well, watch the video and hear it yourself:

For those who still couldn't understand it...

"Paira vich easy munda rehnda bahla busy. Dil thag deyan gaddi wale rim ni. Aajkal ve Dosanjha wala kihde naal phire. Hunn Kylie kolon puchhdi ae Kim ni."

(Even Kim [Kardashian] asks Kylie [Jenner] about this genuine guy's [Diljit] whereabouts.)

This is how Twitter reacted to the song:

Image Source

Earlier, Dosanjh had dropped his hit music track, 'Do You Know?, which he apparently had dedicated to her.

From talking about Kylie in various interviews to even writing on her posts on social media, Diljit has done everything that a fan would do.

Diljit Dosanjh | Image Source: YouTube

He once also went on to take her name during one of his concerts in Birmingham, England.

Kylie seems to be his source of inspiration for songs, quite literally!

What's next, Diljit?