Our body is an ever-changing biological phenomenon. While there are incredibly awesome things happening inside our body right now, there are some disgusting facts as well to balance the whole equation, and we bet, you are probably not aware of them all. Here we go, one by one. 


These mites eat, sleep, and even fornicate right over there, just millimetres away from your eyeballs.


This is what keeps our mouth clean, healthy and bacteria-free.


You will be surprised to know but most of the dust underneath your bed is actually your own dead skin.


Thanks for opening my eyes, science! You rock.


Ha, I told you so! Women: 1 Men: 0 


Fresh pee is also cleaner than your spit or even the skin on your face.


Like seriously?


 Does that mean we are only 10% human?  


... and occasionally a little spit and pee.


 And I was blaming my body odour on the weather. It's time to invest in a good perfume, I guess.


Here are five golden words that can save your ass, quite literally - prefer water over toilet paper.


... and that too literally eating you from the inside out. 


Honestly, I'm speechless.     

Design credits: Shruti Mathur