All you fans out there, on this day Disney released its first technicolour movie, which began the new era of Disney movies. Flowers And Trees- Disney Silly Symphony was a story of two trees who fall in love, and how they have to fight off a villainous tree to find their 'happily ever after'. It was followed by a number of other stories, in a series by the name Silly Symphonies, all in technicolour.

Every 90's kid probably grew up with these short Disney movies. In fact, we could still go back to the charm of these movies. They are the nostalgic connection to our childhood and an ode to the earlier versions of Disney movies unlike what we have now. They carry the rich memories of wonderful days gone by.

Here's the video of the first technicolour project by Disney. Needless to say, it has all the sweetness that you find in a Disney movie even today.