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Sep 13, 2017 at 18:36

A DJ In Goa Was Allegedly Beaten Up For Refusing To Play Music Beyond Permissible Hours

by Era Tangar

In the name of power and ego, people turn into demons. We see examples of these on a daily basis now. Whether it's politics, culture or art, we see people acting like monsters. We see it so often now that it has almost become second nature. 

Yesterday, Goa Events and Entertainment Management Association - GEEMA - posted a story of an artist who was beaten up by a bunch of goons because he refused to play their requested songs after the permissible hours.

Source: Facebook// Ashwin


In their post, they wrote, 

Goa's Famous Karaoke DJ Artist Ashwin Alvares smashed up by a GANG at Colva, for not performing beyond permissible hours at Goodman Restaurant Colva.

According to GEEMA, the guy who beat up DJ Ashwin is called Freddy and he is the owner of Shalom Restaurant in Assolna. Apparently, he was on a "power trip" and wanted to show his friends from Mumbai how big a Don he is in Colva. Freddy and five others were sitting on a table at the Goodman Restaurant in Colva and Ashwin kept playing their requests while there was still time. At around 11:30 pm, Freddy's friends made a request for another song. Ashwin informed them that he wouldn't have the time to play another song for them as the restaurant closes at 12 am and there were others sitting in the restaurant waiting for their song. 

Source: Facebook// Freddy


To intimidate Ashwin, Freddy sent his bouncers. Ashwin stayed head strong and stopped the music at 12 am sharp. Meanwhile, they started abusing him and beat him up while he was trying to load his car with his equipment. 

Freddy broke his nose and all his buddies punched him from all sides. 

Source: Facebook // Ashwin


Ashwin ran into the restaurant to seek help from the people sitting, as blood gushed out of his nose. 

GEEMA wrote, 

One of the bouncer guys even brought out his baseball bat but did not get to use it.
They then ran off and Anthony goes to the colva police station and says that he was alone and Ashwin lost his senses and attacked him.
Meanwhile a guest Julia who was a nurse straightened out Ashwin's nose while he waited for the ambulance to take him to Hospicio Hospitalnwhere he was admitted.
Ashwin Alvares is a lifetime member of the GOA Entertainment Association the body who has initiated legal action against the assailants.

Here is the entire post.

Hope truth prevails and justice is served. 


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