Recently, we've been treated to a barrage of superhero movies. With the movie business already getting saturated with these comic-book movies, it wasn't a surprise when Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson was cast to play Doc Savage. 

Clark 'Doc' Savage Jr is the most famous superhero you’ve never heard of. Created by pulp-novelist Lester Dent in 1933, Doc Savage is one of the earliest superheroes known to man. 

Doc Savage is widely considered as the inspiration behind Superman and Batman.

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To many, he is the greatest superhero to ever appear, the source of hundreds of iterations – first in “pulps,” later in comics, radio, television and film. Savage is widely forgotten because of his lack of recognition in the mainstream media now. With the resurgence of the genre, we hope to see more of the first and probably the 'dopest' superhero ever.

Incorruptible, somewhat shy and awkward with the opposite sex, his morality and demeanor are mimicked by Superman. Savage goes to his 'Fortress of Solitude' much like his counterpart who hails from Krypton.

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The upcoming superhero flick will be directed and co-written by Shane Black, whose previous credits include Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Last Action Hero and Lethal Weapon. With a great team already assembled for the movie, Doc Savage is all set to set the silver screens all across the world on fire.

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Doc Savage may never need us, but some of us think we will always need Savage - especially when Dwayne Johnson plays him.

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