Tucked away from the modernised world that we inhabit, lives a tribe whose survival depends entirely on nature. For centuries on end, they've shunned contact with the outside world. But, rapid development and industrialisation have exposed these people to a whole lot of previously, unforeseen dangers.

These are the Jarawas, the indigenous people of the Andaman Islands, only 400 of whom now inhabit the forests.

Source: YouTube

Even though they have avoided and sometimes, even violently opposed contact with the outside world, modernisation has made its way into the primitive lifestyle of Jarawas. 

They've been exposed to modern tools such as knives and flashlights by poachers and loggers.

Source: indiathedestiny.com

Two French documentary filmmakers, Alexandre Dereims and Claire Beilvert, went deep into the jungles of the Andaman to tell their story. 

The short documentary film throws light on the dangers posed to this tribe by outsider contact, such as the construction of the Great Andaman Trunk Road which has given access of the forests to the tourist and poachers.

Watch the documentary here.

Are we ever going to leave anything untouched and in its natural form?