Rejoice, Internet! 'Cause a new mind boggler is here. After the golden dress-or-blue dress, and the Yanny-or-Laurel optical illusions, we have the door-or-beach conundrum.

It all started when a Twitter user named Becky posted a photo that looked like the edge of a teal door, or a beach in landscape mode.

In the caption, she wrote, "Is this a door or a beach??? Hahahaha".

Thanks, Becky.

She also started a poll to keep a record of all the guesses that were rolling in.

On the twitter poll started by Becky, there were almost 246,882 votes, and door was winning with 54% of the votes, when we last checked.

Go, door. 

The optical illusion obviously became an outlet for creativity for social media.

We loled.

Then there was anticipated dissection of the post, that paralleled conspiracy theories.

Ooops, cat's out of the box.

Hold on though, someone came to defend the integrity of the post, arguing that it was indeed not doctored.

This is real. Even we voted for door.

Where is the popcorn, yo?

Why so sa(n)d, man?

Beach puns, your time has come. Water you doing? Come, let's seas the day!

Becky eventually cleared out the debate by posting the same picture horizontally, hinting that it was a beach after all.

Well, this ought to keep social media occupied for a while. Ciao.