Drinking is a fun activity. I mean, not if you have broken up and spend all your time and money emptying bottles. Then it's just sad. But otherwise, irrespective of what others say, alcohol is essential to have a good time, as long as you know your limits.

Unfortunately, alcohol does provide you with a false sense of superiority. Which quite often can fuck you up. 

"Babe, this isn't the best time..."

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Napping for this cop is a 'piss' of cake. Watch him in his elegant entirety here.

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This uncle's not just on alcohol.

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Oh, he is going to wake up to pain much worse than a hangover.

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Must be comfortable.

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Oh, come on!

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Modern Art!

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No, you are not a unicorn.

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Friends forever!

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Trying to wash up? I'm confused.

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Just to be clear, someone shaved his head and put his hair on his beard!

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That's where you pee, genius.

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That looks painful.

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Why would you climb on it in the first place?

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Photobombing level: Spectral

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Oh boy!

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Drunk Santa! I have officially seen everything. 

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All hail the king!

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Drunk Indian uncles at weddings are the best!

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Oh, man. Just know your limit guys.