One of the biggest names in music, Michael Jackson continues to inspire numerous artists across the globe with his music and unique dance moves.

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A lot of people, till date, try to copy those moves. Because imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? And who'd know it better than this ardent fan right here.

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In a song titled 'Kitaabon pe mujhe shaq hota hai', (apparently shot in St. Mary's, Meerut) the fan can be seen doing something Michael could never do. Dance without anybody noticing him.

Seriously, the girl actually preferred reading a book on robotics than watch him dance.

Source: Mujtaba

But like a true lover, he turns out to be persistent AF and shows her all the MJ moves in under 3 minutes.

Also, you might forget the song but you'll never be able to forget the way he pronounces 'hai'.

Had MJ been alive today, this is probably how he'd have reacted.

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Check out the masterpiece right here and prepare to get mesmerised.