"One day we won't have to come out of the closet. We'll just say we are in love and that will be all that matters." 

- Ellen Degeneres

We took a stand for LOVE and we won. 

Rainbow flags were being waved across the nation, people were hugging each other, crying tears of joy, as well as breaking into impromptu jubilation on the streets. Such was the iconic day, the 6th of September which marked the dismissal of section 377 of the IPC and becoming a crucial milestone in the long struggle for equal rights. The judgment lifted the infamous and stereotypical 'criminal' tag from the LGBT community, proving no matter what age, no matter what gender, #LoveIsLove.

The celebrations not only broke out on the streets, but the entire social media was painted in rainbow colours to support the progressive move.

Now that #LoveIsLove has become more prominent and mainstream in India, it is important to embrace our individuality and understand that whether we love someone of the same sex, someone of the opposite sex, or both, no one has the right to look upon us with scorn or put us down. To celebrate love, victory, and freedom, Durex India has come up with an unconventional and thoughtful campaign that re-imagines popular Bollywood love stories which we couldn’t hear of because of the social stigma and the draconian attitude of the law towards the LGBT community. Their bold move to portray these mainstream characters in a new perspective is a trailblazer of new-age cinema that we're dying to see on the big screen. The iconic scenes of famous movies were re-imagined from the LGBT angle and prominent characters were replaced in a minimal design, therefore reinforcing the idea that love happens, irrespective of one’s sexual orientation. 

Have a look at these beautiful illustrations designed by Durex India.

We bet you haven't seen a more modern presentation of a Raj Kapoor movie ever! The illustration depicts a romantic gay relationship and it doesn't changes the beauty of the original for once.

One Bollywood moment all of us wants to try over all our hysteria of missing a train is the iconic train sequence from DDLJ. Here, seen in the illustration is Simran running to catch a moving train and her lover gallantly extending her arm.

 Can Tina not have 'kuch kuch' for both Rahul and Anjali? It doesn't matter if you love both men and women, there's nothing improper about your sexuality. Durex India's re-imagination of Tina, Rahul and Anjali's love story is to silence everyone who still doubts #LoveIsLove. 

 Durex India's portrayal of trans love not only highlights how much there still is left to do to ensure that the trans community experience true acceptance and equality, but it's simply kickass AF!

Kudos to Durex India for celebrating love and presenting these iconic love stories in a new light. They're shattering stereotypes with this campaign and giving out a strong message that says "Love is too beautiful to be hidden in the closet." #ItsTheLGBT

While most people have now become aware of the cause of equality for the LGBT community, Durex has championed it since time and memorial. They have been a true blue supporter of all genders and the abolishment of 377 in itself is a celebration for them. Their campaign is receiving love from all corners and has created quite a frenzy on the Internet. Here are a few influencers who poured their love and praised the campaign.