Losing weight isn't easy and when the festive season is around the corner, it only gets harder to stick to the diet plan. Instead of wasting your money on calorie cutting products, here are a few tricks that you can incorporate in your daily routine to get in shape:

1. Avoid eating nuts

Although nuts are considered to be healthy, they are also high in calories. And while people will, in all likelihood, be bombarding you with gift packs full of these little bites, try avoiding the oil-roasted cashews and almonds to cut calories. You can still opt for pistachios though, if you can't resist nuts.

2. Avoid eating in front of the TV

According to research conducted by the University of Massachusetts, a person eats up to 288 calories more when he or she eats in front of the TV. It's one of the easiest tricks that you can opt for if you want lose those extra kilos.

Source: The Huffington Post

3. Tap your foot 

Try tapping your foot to a tune and you can lose up to 350 calories in one day. It doesn't need any special equipment except your earphones. Sounds good, right?

Source: Health

4. Eat at the table

Eating in front of the TV or any other leisurely place is not considered good for digestion. Over the years, researchers have claimed that families who eat together tend to eat healthier foods and consume less calories.

Source: Houzz

5. Fool yourself with smaller plates

This simple change in your dinnerware can make you eat less, thereby helping you in losing weight. Try swapping your plate with a smaller-sized one and you can cut up to 500 calories without feeling any less full.

Source: Bariatric Cookery

6. Stay away from aerated drinks

Another way to shed those extra kilos is to avoid consuming fizzy drinks. When thirsty, try sticking to water and healthy juices instead, it can surely make a lot of difference in your health routine.

Source: Search Home Remedy

7. Put a mirror on your fridge

According to a study, this simple trick can help you to eat healthy and lose weight fast as it can force you to think twice before making food choices.

Source: Youth Connect

8. Stick to 3 meals a day

Try not skipping any of your meals when you work on a 3-meal-a-day food plan as it can help you hack out massive amounts of calories. It is not only nutritious but also helps to keep a check on your calorie count. 

9. Make time for quality sleep

If you've ever needed a reason to sleep, then this is it. It not only burns calories but also boosts fat loss while helping you overcome your late-night snacking problem.

Source: Sprayable Sleep

10. Drink lots of water

Lastly, drink as much water as you can and keep your body hydrated throughout the day. It is the most important step when it come to metabolising the unwanted fat in the body.

Source: Wordpress

11. Count the number of mithais you eat

We all know just how easy it can be to lose control of your sweet tooth. Regardless, try and limit the number of sweets you eat, even if it's a relative emotionally blackmailing the shit out of you into eating them.

Source: encyclopk

12. Don't eat standing up

Research has found that eating while standing is actually bad for digestion. It also leads you to eat more calories, since you tend to eat faster. Find a nice spot and eat your meal slow.

Try these simple and effective tricks for your weight loss journey and we bet you won't be disappointed!