Once in a while, something comes along that makes you forget where you are, what you are doing, and transport you back to some far off memory of a place or someone, a memory you didn't even know you were holding on to, all this while.  

Malaysian film director Michael Wong has brought to us such a short movie, The Story of 90 Coins. It is a movie that might make you realize something you didn't all this while, might make you want to call someone, might make you shed a tear or two. 

It is funny how a short 9 minute movie can capture all the nuances of love so eloquently, and then leave you asking for more. 

And if you have braced yourself, go ahead and watch the movie here.

The movie has been a rage at international film festivals, winning many accolades, which include the Best Foreign Short & Best Actress at Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards and Best Foreign Short Film at Ukrainian International Short Film Festival, among others.