We all had that one cool English teacher in school, who would talk our language and it was just so easy to establish a channel of understanding with that one teacher. But, friends, cool teachers' brigade is getting an update with this high-school teacher, who grades papers with memes.

Scream : Dream teacher or whaa? 

According to Metro.co.uk, a 27-year-old Ainee Fatima, a teacher at East Leyden High School, Illinois, US is grading papers with popular memes. She shared some of the papers on Twitter, and we are her fan already.

Source: Twitter

Ainee told Metro.co.uk, that some of the answers get so ridiculous and funny, that it's like so important that students could see her reaction when she reads'em.

Source: Insider

Precious, this teacher must be protected at all costs.

According to Metro.co.uk, people have been sending her more memes to add to her collection. 

She says that the reason behind this innovative approach is twofold. One, it takes pressure off of the students, when they deal with negative grades (We betcha). And secondly, it makes sense, considering it's a Media Studies English class, where they study popular culture. Hence meme sharing is a regular part of the classroom culture.

We have one question - WHERE DO WE SIGN UP FOR THIS CLASS?

Her students are undoubtedly happy. She told Metro.co.uk, that she was a bit concerned as to how would parents react. But as of now, they're supportive of this light-hearted approach, so it's all cool.

English and social studies have always been fun and engaging, but this teacher sure knows how to put a cherry on the top.

We grade this teacher 11/10. Ainee, you harbinger of the new era of teaching. All hail.

Perfect/perfect, we say!

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