From the adrenaline pumping music to the insane fireworks to the jaw-dropping stunts, there’s a lot that goes in to executing that perfectly epic walk to the ring. And when done right, this explosive combo of song and swagger can drive any hardcore fan crazy. No matter whether he or she is sitting in front of a TV or in the arena.

Here’s our pick for 10 of the most badass WWE entrances that still continue to give us goosebumps:

10. John Cena

Right when you hear the trumpets, you know that ‘The Champ’ has arrived! And what really make the fans go all out are his epic WrestleMania entrances. Whether it’s being a gangster, marching with an army of clones, or driving a Mustang into the ring, Cena definitely knows how to set the stage for some amazing action.

9. Brock Lesnar

Just like Lesnar, his entrance was heart-pounding, aggressive and imposing. And of course, who can forget his signature style of jumping onto the ring apron followed by fireworks from the turnbuckles? The opponents were owned even before ‘The Next Big Thing’ stepped in.

8. The Sting

There weren’t too many superstars better at making an entrance than Sting. During the old WCW days, he once jumped out of a freakin’ chopper for a match. I mean, who the hell does that?

7. Shawn Michaels

The ‘Heartbreak Kid’ was always cocky, arrogant and sure of himself as walked out to the ring. From coming down through zip-lines to emerging amidst fireworks, ‘The Showstopper’ did almost everything to make his fans go crazy. Of course, while dancing to his sexy boy entrance theme.

6. The Rock

Let’s face it. Nothing can beat one of the greatest wrestling catchphrases of all times – ‘If you smell what The Rock is cooking’? The moment you heard it you knew that ‘The People’s Champ’ was going to walk out and strut his stuff.

5. Triple H

You cannot simply look away when ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ is making an entrance. He slowly walks to the ring as his Motorhead theme rocks on in the background. Finally, to get up on the ring apron, scan the crowd and then spray a mist of water into the audience.

4. Kane

A red filter comes over the WWE universe as an organ begins playing music straight out of your nightmares. As the music reaches its climax, a wall of fire engulfs the entrance ramp and ‘The Big Red Machine’ straight out of it. He would climb over the top rope, slowly raises his hands, and summon fire from the four corners of the ring.

And if all this didn’t intimidate his opponent, staring up at Kane’s charred mask would definitely get the job done.

3. Goldberg

Goldberg would enter the arena following a daunting theme song that sounded similar to medieval battle music. Once he appeared from the backstage area, a blinding burst of golden fireworks would spray all around him, followed by a burst of upper cutting explosions.

Every time this hulking beast made his way to the ring, he put fear in the heart of his adversary.

2. The Undertaker

When the lights went out and the bells began to ring, everybody knew who was walking out: The Undertaker. Covered in a dystopian attire, he would enter through a haze of smoke, ominously walking to the eerie sound of church bells. His slow walk giving off the impression that he was back from the dead and prepared to take out the living.

1. Stone Cold Steve Austin

The glass shatters. The guitar wails. Austin comes out. The crowd loses their shit. He then throws up his two finger salute to defy the authorities, stomps a mud hole in his opponent and drinks beer like a redneck on his wedding day.

If you think that nobody else can top this list, gimme a HELL YEAH!

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