Watching a cricket match is thrilling, and can be a dangerous business. What about the times when your favourite batsman misses the ball? You might drop your cola drink in frustration, hit your sibling with your fist, or do the Monica special scream as if you too lost your apartment. Or your loud “Yippee!” on a six might give the weak hearted a seizure.

The excitement becomes manifold when you’re watching the match live. Imagine the large field, lights, thousands of spectators just like you and the cricketers pin the same stadium as you! Oh, the magical fan-girl moment. Well, no one knows what can happen while the game is on: on the ground and among the spectators. We bring you the 12 spectator moments that were more memorable than the cricket match!

1. The disappointed fan we can never forget.

One of the most memorable memes of the 21st century, who can forget the “disappointed Pakistan cricket fan”? Muhammad Sarim Akhtar became (and still is) an internet sensation because of his highly dismayed look at his team’s loss during the Pakistan vs Australia ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Sarim’s expression is the universal expression of the bummed. Everyone understands. 

2. Ye koi mazaak hora hai, maaro mujhe maaro.

Another Pakistan cricket team supporter, Momin Saqib went viral after his rant following the team’s loss in an India Vs. Pakistan World Cup 2019 match. Momin, a British-Pakistani influencer broke the internet when he lashed out at the Pakistan team. He blamed the loss on the team’s below-par fitness level, and even said that they were having “burger-pizza” the night before the match. Ekdum se waqt badal diya, jazbbat badal diye. 

3. The gutkha guy, as the match was in Kanpur.

The video of a man chewing gutkha while speaking on his phone during the India Vs New Zealand Test match went viral, as netizens posted hilarious reactions. The man is seen having a great time, leisurely chewing on while lounging in his chair. This is the kind of attitude we all covet. 

4. Jarvis and the invasion of the pitch: a short story.

During the India Vs. England Test, a man wearing an Indian jersey walked on the field and tried to blend in with the players, casually lining up. Daniel Jarvis, a YouTuber popularly known as Jarvis 69, wore a shirt with the same name and tried to convince the security who ushered him out pointing to the BCCI sign on his jersey. Internet erupted with funny memes on this incident.

5. He who casually caught an international cricketer’s ball and didn’t spill a drop of his beer. 

The man, who is from Australia, became a viral sensation after he caught a ball hit by Ashton Turner during a Big Bash League game in January. What’s more, the guy didn’t even spill a drop of beer from the glass he was holding in the other hand. 

6. The man who fell over but didn’t let go. Of the ball.

We all should learn what not to let go from this man, who caught one of Liam Livingstone’s sixes, and stumbled over the front row, but kept holding on to the ball in The Hundreds. He received a loud applause as it indeed was a spectacular catch jaan ki baazi lagakar.

7. It happened as it was meant to be: the Zaheer I <3 You story.

During an India Pakistan Test match in 2005, a woman holding a poster that said “Zaheer I Love You” had a lucky day as her love for the former Indian cricketer Zaheer Khan was reciprocated. As her image flashed on the big screen, the camera zoomed on to Zaheer Khan and Yuvraj Singh in the dressing room. Nudged by Yuvraj, Zaheer gave the woman her flying kiss back!

8. The balancing act that involved a stack of drinks and a sleeping spectator.

During Essex’s T20 match with Hampshire in 2018, the audience was having the time of their lives. In a video that went viral, one can see the other spectators pile drinks and cardboard trays on an unsuspecting sleeping man, who continued to sleep as the pile reached a third layer. We would like to know the secret to this man’s healthy sleeping life.

9. When the audience played the copycat game ‘follow the leader’ with Ronnie Irani.

The synchrony can put any act to shame, as the audience imitated former England cricketer Ronnie Irani when he stretched. During a 2015 Australia Vs. England ODI, Ronnie shared the moment with the Australian fans, as the crowd behind started to imitate as he stretched to warm up. 

10. And the six land in… a beer glass.

During the Big Bash League match between the Melbourne Stars and Hurricanes in January this year, a six hit by English batsman Dawid Malan landed in the most unexpected place: the beer glass of a man. He even continued to drink from it!

11. When the game was nothing but love, and we aren’t talking about cricket.

While India rejoiced over the win over Pakistan during the 2019 World Cup, the audience went from “yayy!” to “aww!” real quick when an Indian fan proposed to his girlfriend during the match. And she said yes!

12. When dawa nahi, “prayer aunty” ki dua ne kaam kiya.

Mumbai Indians won the IPL 2017 in their final match against Rising Pune Supergiant and it was all because of the “prayer aunty”, Purnima Dalal, mother-in-law of Mukesh Ambani. Even when all the odds were against MI, it still won. And believe me, it was all because of her.

13. When a couple kissed in the stands and everyone saw it on their screens.

In a match between Gujarat Titans and Delhi Capitals, a couple was spotted kissing in the stands and the picture went viral on social media.

We told you, the cricket match can disappoint, but never the spectators.