Do you spend each night lying awake in torment, waiting and watching as the supposed evil of darkness grows stronger, feeding off your fear? Do you sleep with a nightlight on? Do you experience an increased heart rate and even feel ill when forced to spend time in the dark? Is ‘fear of the dark’ more than just a song to you?

If so, you must have faced these struggles because of your fear:

1. Your electricity bill may soar high but you don’t care; because you can’t keep a room unlit, EVER.

2. And when there’s a voltage fluctuation, you have a mild heart attack.

3. Imagine: Lightening. Thunder. Power Cut.

4. You hate it when people say you’re immature. But you don’t mind sleeping with your parents at night.

5. Watching a horror movie/TV series leaves an everlasting impression on you. And things get worse at night if they are based on a true story .

6. You’re used to being called fattu by your friends. They never refrain from taking your case when it comes to your andhera ka darr .

7. Your siblings never beat you up while fighting; they’d drag you and lock you in the bathroom. AND TURN THE LIGHTS OFF!

8. You’d rather share your room with the person you dislike the most than stay alone.

9. To you, there’s always something fishy about dark rooms.

10. And if you do manage to be alone in a room at night, you have this uncanny feeling of someone watching you or hiding under the bed.

11. Your worst nightmare is riding alone in the elevator… and the light goes out.

12. As a child, you never played Dark Room with your friends.

13. You always try to make your friends accompany you through dark alleys. If they refuse to do that, you make them watch until you safely cross it.

When the light begins to change I sometimes feel a little strange A little anxious when it’s dark. Fear of the dark, fear of the dark- I have constant fear that something’s always near.