We love Bollywood in all its dancing and melodramatic glory. Yet, there are times when we sit in front of the screen with our mouths agape wondering WTF!! These videos redefine insane!

1. Fast, furious and defying physics!

2. No one delivers heart wrenching news like Dev Anand.

3. Daniel Day Lewis, watch and learn how real acting is done!

4. Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Amrish Puri?

5. Next time you're flirting make sure to drape yourself in...kites!

6. Abey Michael Bay! Is this a Bumblebee spinoff?

7. Before Armaan Kohli entered Big Boss!

8. GTA 500?

9. Scalpel, plate, fridge - all you need for a brain transplant.

10. Marriage is a sacred bond between two...wait what?

11. A battle for the ages. Javed Jaffri style.

12. Forget washing hands after peeing. This is insane!

13. It's all about the timing!

14. Suhaag Raat is all about romance and whispering sweet nothings. Well, not always!