Netflix just released a documentary about the life of former first lady, Michelle Obama and her recent book tour for ‘Becoming’. 

The documentary gives us an insight into Michelle’s life as she has a heart-to-heart with the people she works with, her family and the young women she hopes to inspire. Here are our favourite moments from Becoming

1. When she spoke about leaving the White House and trying to hold it together. Only to cry for 30 minutes straight after getting on the plane. 

2. When she gave her daughter’s friends a horrifying wake-up call, rushing them out on the morning of the Inaugural day after a sleepover, saying- “Wake up, the Trumps are coming.”

3. When she connected with every single person who came for a book singing, asked teens about their schools and made our hearts flutter with her warmth. 

4. When she relayed the confusion she felt and spoke about doing this book tour to find a new path for herself after being the first lady for so long. 

5. When Michelle’s mother spoke about not missing the White House at all, and raising a feisty young daughter

6. When we got a glimpse of the healthy banter between Michelle and her brother, Craig who are constantly competing. Especially that hilarious moment when their mother preferred the wine at Craig’s house over the one served at the White House. 

7. When she inspired us by telling us how her guidance counsellor didn’t think she was Princeton material. And how Michelle then went on to prove everyone wrong by graduating from Princeton University and Harvard Law School. 

8. When she spoke to the younger generation about finding self-worth and visibility within themselves instead of waiting for society to give it to you. 

9. When Michelle spoke to a young woman who asked why she was chosen to discuss these issues when she didn’t consider herself ‘special’ & Michelle proved exactly why she was. 

10. When Barack Obama made a surprise visit to her tour & compared the moment to Jay Z at a Beyonce Concert. These two are still our favourite couple though. 

11. When Michelle spoke about how important it was for her to find her own stand while standing next to a powerful man and not disappearing under his shadow. 

12. When she spoke about the dress code for butlers of colour (some were her uncles) at the White House and how she decided to change it because she wanted to raise her daughters better. 

13. When she spoke about being butchered by the media during Obama election campaign because she was making a difference. 

14. When she danced to Drake’s “Nonstop” in her free time and proved to us that she’s hella cool. 

15. When she recalled the pathbreaking moment the equal marriage bill was passed and she snuck out with her daughter to watch people celebrate outside the White House

16. When she spoke about the reality of who she is and how we all need to remember where we came from. 

You shouldn’t miss this inspiring documentary.