The queen of sass and sarcasm and the epitome of absurdity, Phoebe Buffay from FRIENDS cracks us up every time we watch a re-run of the show. 

On the 55th birthday of Lisa Kudrow, who played Phoebe to perfection, we present you with her words of wisdom. Take notes.

1. This gem schooling she gave to Joey when he ditched their plans for his date.

2. First season Phoebe was extra weird. Extra wise too, as we can see.

If you think this is not a WOW (word of wisdom), then let me tell you in how many situations this can be used.

3. You want to get out of an awkward situation? Drop this excuse. Adulting treating you hard? Something must be wrong with the left phalange, dammit.

4. Petition to replace nursery rhymes with this gem, please?

5. Modern-day relationships summed up.

6. This one expression that defines adulting and life quite aptly.

7. This ‘wisdomous’ life hack.

8. When your relatives ask ‘what’s you future plan?’

9. Lame, but also useful when you need to get your friend to do you a favour.

10. It’s not wrong.

11. It’s okay to be a li’l selfish.

12. How to get out of a situation? Just tell the truth.

13. Amen!

14. This pep talk she gives to Ross.

15. A fact which is also a relationship advice. Wow, wow.

16. And this dialogue that she uses to break up Rachel and Monica’s fight, indeed applies to the modern-day fiasco.

Design credits – Shubham Gupta