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What is the one thing that this generation has honestly excelled in?

It is the ability to rise from the ashes, accept oneself, and chase ones own dreams. Boy, do we know how to make space for ourselves and dance through life to our own music! 
And speaking of making music, there’s RIDI, a stunning young artist aiming to win hearts with her new single, ‘Merry Go Round.’ 
The Switzerland based Indian origin artist creates music mostly on themes of inclusivity, heartbreaks, and emotional strength with a fun Gen Z touch. ‘Merry Go Round‘ is a song that addresses the struggles of experiencing certain emotions at a young age, feeling trapped and working through them. 

The melody and video are so catchy that one just won’t be able to get it out of their heads. We get to see RIDI embracing her Indian lineage while singing self composed lyrics that hit home. The overall look gives an aesthetically rich and vibrant feel that is in perfect harmony with the strong vocals and upbeat melody. Produced by German dance music producer Mousse T and British Indian music producer Diamond Duggal, ‘Merry Go Round’ is already making its way up in the global charts and into people’s hearts through Instagram and Tiktok. Honestly, that is a lot to achieve at the age of 18, and that only makes one wonder, what is RIDI like as an artist? 

So, without further ado, here are 5 facts about the sensational songstress that will surprise you! 


1. RIDI was 8 when she started singing.


The singer found her calling in music at an early age and was already training in jazz and opera. She held onto music through the years and found a space of expression in it. This soon developed into a full blown passion as she turned to pop music with Michael Jackson inspiring her the most. 

2. She’s an anti-bullying activist.


Being an Asian kid in a Swiss high school, RIDI has had to face a fair share of bullying and racism. From racist remarks and shaming, to the consequential heartache that comes with it, she has fought through and risen above it all with immense maturity. Not only that, she is also determined to make sure that no other kid has to face the same fate. RIDI is the creator of ‘Stop The B‘ campaign, which aims to create awareness against identity, social, and emotional bullying. It also urges people to not become ‘active bystanders’ along with encouraging victims to share their stories and combat the negative stigma attached to opening up.

Besides that, RIDI is also the youngest ever speaker at a UNESCO world anti-bullying forum! 


3. Her songs reflect personal experiences.


Growing up abroad, RIDI has had to struggle with racism and bullying for staying connected to her Indian roots and heritage. From being shamed for embracing her traditions to being expelled from a school for standing up against it, RIDI has walked through dark times and managed to hold her head high regardless. This is where her music stems from and boy, does it beautifully reflect what a fortress of strength and self expression she is! 

4. She has a keen spirit for academics.


RIDI has completed her high school degree from Switzerland and plans to pursue a degree in Chemical Engineering from the University Of London. This lady really does have a strong passion for all the right things at the same time. And she knows how to fulfil her aspirations with passion! 

5. She debuted with her first single at the age of 17! 


That’s right, RIDI debuted with her song ‘Top Guy‘ at the age of 17. With breathtaking melody and fabulous visuals, the song encourages people to stand up for themselves and have a voice of their own. The song became a hit in no time and garnered 2.7 million views worldwide. Really, to successfully write and create your own music and also address complicated emotions is a task that RIDI knows how to tackle with grace at such a young age! 


The more we get to know about RIDI, the more relatable her music feels. And that’s why we root for this young new sensation to rule with her passion! 

‘Merry Go Round’ is streaming on Spotify and YouTube and we bet you will be hooked to it once you hear it. Go give it a listen! 
Or just check the video out here


*Little girl, little girl you’re looking so down Did someone take your crown? Was the pain enough to make you want to drown?*