They don't know you. But they love you. And they don't care if you love them back.

We're talking about "Facebook Romeos," the guys who keep messaging random girls for dating and friendship . And even though their grammatically atrocious tactics and antics have changed over the years, they still remain hopelessly clueless and incredibly inappropriate. We take them to the cleaners for a very public shaming. Enjoy.

1. Here's a smooth one.

2. This guy assumes quite a lot, doesn't he?

3. The persistent one.

4. Yes, "Who the hell are you?"

5. He likes her face value.

6. What the hell is "friendly relations?"

7. WTF?

8. Now what was this guy thinking?

9. Why is "Sandeep"calling himself "Ajay?"

10. "So are we friends?"

11. He "bumped" into her profile.

12. He needs a dynamic friend.

13. Here's a real charmer.

14. This one believes in the freedom of choice.

15. The direct approach.

16. Happy Diwali. I love you.

17. "3." It's the new "E."

18. We don't even know what's going on here.

19. Well? Do you?

20. What he lacked in sense, he made up for in question marks.

21. Do it, do it or I'll hurt you.

22. "Really" close friend.

23. Everyone makes mistakes.

24. "Can v r frnds?" Is this Yoda in disguise?

25. The two word wonder.

26. It's always good to start with a compliment.

27. It's even better to start with a shorter compliment.

28. Nahi. (No)

29. What's in a name? Well beauty and cuteness for one.

30. Behold the death of grammar.

31. He just wants a "sip."

32. Sure. Why not?

33. Old school.

34. He wants it. He demands it.

35. How do you "do" friendship?

36. I don't know you, and this is crazy, but babe I miss you. Facebook friends maybe?

37. Positive thinking rocks!

38. He just can't stop himself!

39. "Whaddaya say laddy?"

40. Here's a classic.

41. You got a pretty name girl. Marry me.

42. This one's a pro.

43. This one got lazy.

44. Here's another classic.

45. Those sure are some talkative eyes!

46. Just browsing profiles and all.


48. "Hi. Do you have a moment to know everything about me?"

49. He sees the future.

50.And here's the show stopper!