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“Eyes. Lungs. Pancreas. So many snacks, so little time.” 

If you have not heard this dialogue then you aren’t a true Marvel fan. I am a Marvel loyalist and have never missed any of the movies because they are not just films, they are an experience of sorts. And Venom is one of the most fascinating characters in the MCU. I am sure you have seen him in Spiderman 3, as Peter Parker’s black-suited rival and in the movie, Venom, which released on October 5, 2018, the role of Eddie Brock, aka the Venom, is played by the dashing Tom Hardy. 

So basically what went down is this – Symbiote is a powerful alien mass, which needs a host organism to survive and even bonds with the organism to create a hybrid life-form. In the movie, an incidental error led to Symbiote getting attached to Eddie Brock and boom, Venom was created. He is an anti-hero we all can’t help but learn to love because sometimes, it’s good to be bad, right? 

Rap sensations Kaam Bhaari and SlowCheeta from Ranveer Singh’s InkInc performed the lyrical ode to Venom in a gritty anthem. Take a listen…

Here is a look at the superpowers of Venom – whose complex and interesting tales raise questions about morality and power…

1. Venom was originally a female character with an even darker backstory

Much before the movie was released, Marvel writer, David Michelinie, wanted the character to be a pregnant woman. In the original story penned by Michelinie, the woman’s husband dies in an accident and while she tries to cope with her loss, she gives birth to her baby. The Symbiote gets attracted to the grief-stricken mother, when her newborn dies, thus giving rise to Venom. In the movie, we got a sneak peek of Michelle Williams along with the Symbiote saving Eddie.  

2. Fire is his Achilles’ heel and sound puts him six feet under…

The Symbiote has incredible powers, including shapeshifting camouflage but don’t consider yourself a superfan if you don’t remember that the Symbiote suffers extra damage from fire. Not just that, the Venom Symbiote can be drastically weakened when exposed to loud sound. 

3. He has a soft corner for the homeless, which makes him an anti-hero! 

Calling himself ‘The Lethal Protector’, Eddie Brock goes on to defend the homeless from real estate magnates, who threaten to demolish areas inhabited by the homeless people. But his defence tricks unlike all other superheroes, are a little offbeat if you know what I mean. Yet, in the end, the good deed is what counts, right?

4. Venom is not alone, he has several Symbiote offsprings!

Even though we have witnessed Venom transitioning from a villain to an anti-hero to even a hero, his offsprings remained in the villain category. The most well-known descendant of Venom is a red Symbiote, who later bonded with serial killer Cletus Kasady to form Carnage.

5. The fight between Eddie Brock and the Symbiote is an epic one!

The Symbiote and Eddie work as a single entity, but they caught in an emotional and psychological web that is extremely difficult for both of them to escape. While Eddie’s inner demons feed the Symbiote, Eddie gets increasingly attracted to the power that Symbiote showers upon him.

We all have our inner demons and secrets. Watching Venom only unleashes that, and now I feel like I have #VenomInMyVeins. Catch Venom on &flix this Sunday 26th May at 1 pm and 9 pm, to find out what your inner demons are, ’cause you know, like I said, sometimes it’s good to be bad!

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