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Social media is an amazing gift to humankind. It gives a lot of people the chance to showcase their talents and mindset by providing them with a platform. And people, as usual, turn to quirky ways to speak their mind out when things start getting monotonous. After all, everyone wants to stay a step ahead of everyone else, right? And 2018 brought us a lot of moments that made us go WHOA! Vigo Video App brings us a list of moments that showed that desi people are the most creative creatures on the planet:

1. These Kids Who Combined Creativity With Showboating And Took It To Another Level


Watching these kids do a flip off the wall may make me feel a little dizzy, but it surely is a treat for the eyes. These kids took to the Vigo Video App to showcase their talents to try and win over our hearts, and man did they succeed! 

2. These Guys Who Gave A Hilariously Musical Twist To Their Conversation


These young boys managed to give a humorous twist to a normal conversation with the help of two hit Bollywood songs and gave their viewers hearty laugh and so this light-hearted video found a place in the best moments of Vigo Video App in 2018. 

3. Watching This Talented Craftsman Knitting Is Utterly Soothing To The Eyes


Who knew watching something being knit could be so relaxing? But this brilliant guy(or gal) has totally changed my mindset about embroidery because it’s probably the calmest thing I’ve seen in a very long time.

4. This Guy Who Made Sure People Didn’t Go To Sleep On An Empty Stomach


The world isn’t short of good folks at all, and this guy absolutely proves that. Feeding other beings is the noblest charity of all, and this man proved that the smallest of donations make the world a lot better as a place to live.

5. Watching This Watermelon Get Sliced Is Probably The Most Relaxing Thing I’ve Seen Today


Watching this vendor slice the watermelon into small pieces is generally how I feel about my nemesis, and watching this video gives my mind a sense of calm that cannot even be described. One of the best moments of 2018 on the Vigo Video App, this sure tempts a lot of taste-buds as well. 

6. This Video That Sends An Emotional Yet Strong Message


India is a country where girls do not find the freedom to follow their dreams with ease, even if they have the talent and ability to do so. And these gifted people enacted that perfectly, showing us how a girl child is discouraged from following her ambitions and is asked to focus on the household work.     

Incredible, isn’t it? People do phenomenal things every day and come up with some unrealistic ideas to go about their life. And even though they don’t seem like a lot, they sure work altogether to change how this world works. So don’t hesitate, capture all that creativity on video and turn it into something even better, with the Vigo Video App