Indian TV shows do a lot of things badly, but their writing is probably the most questionable element. So, they end up writing villains who are plain bad people, without an origin story. They do bad things and kill people without a motive. It’s as if these shows forget to write about it. Despite that, villains have a better life on and off-screen where they don’t have to act sweet or sacrifice a good and normal life.

Indian TV shows

And here’s why I’d prefer being a villain in an Indian daily soap.

Disclaimer: The list features more women, because Indian TV shows have more female villains – based on the flawed idea that women are homewreckers. But, more on that later.

1. Villains don’t work.

The entire personality of villains in Indian TV shows are surrounded by not doing any work. Of course, since more villains are women, it all comes down to chores (because women don’t get to have a career). So, these evil women spend the entire day plotting against the bahu. A Komolika always gets to chill.


2. Villains get to choose.

There is no such thing as an obedient villain in desi shows – taking a stand, being a rebel and having an opinion are all bad traits according to them. And since evil people do THAT, they get to make their own choices. So, it’s clearly better than being a nice person who has no control over their own life. Gopi bahu is one example, the woman’s life was dictated by Ahem ji and his green tea obsession.


3. Villains get comfy or experimental clothes.

I vaguely remember an episode from Saath Nibhaana Saathiya where Rashi wore a jeans under her saree. A) It was her choice. B) It was intelligent. But, of course it was frowned upon for not being sanskaari enough. And I’ve always noticed the pattern that evil characters get better and more experimental costumes because everything too “western” or “revealing” is unethical.

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4. Villains have a less complicated love life.

Love and relationships are complicated as it is – crushes are proof. And to top that, main characters end up waiting for “the one” for years. On the other hand, villains find simple (if questionable) ways to uncomplicate their love life. Always remember, Prerna had to die twice to finally be with Anurag, when Komolika dated, married and got over him, in all that time.


5. Villains get everything… EVERYTHING.

The best thing about being the “bad guy” is you don’t have to sacrifice on things for others. You get what you want, because you don’t care (about people) or about being judged. They are also more sassy, so they are good at taking things.

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6. Villains have powers.

All the naagins and vampires in Indian TV shows get powers, so they get to do cool things. And let’s be honest, anyone would choose cool superpowers over being represented as a damsel in distress. Plus, being a naagin also means no walking, you can get to places without putting that extra effort.

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7. Villains don’t get involved in drama.

The good thing about villains is that they avoid drama. They say stuff and leave, and they also like to save time for all the plotting that they have to do for the next day. On the other hand, the main character is always surrounded by drama because they have to deal with everyone’s issues. So, being drama free also means not having to deal with all the stress. TBH, that sounds nice.

Rashi - Saath Nibhana Saathiya

8. Villains have more fun.

In general, as a whole, villains are more fun characters who say cool stuff, have cool entries and exits, among other things. This also means that they have more fun. These characters are not restricted to the house, and actually get to live life. Plus, villains usually end up with a lot of money, and that doesn’t hurt when you want to have fun!

Anita Hassanandani
India Forums

Oh, and they’re often the main reason why these TV shows get good TRP.