Anupam Kher is a diva. Anybody who begs to differ definitely hasn’t been to his Instagram account lately. And if you’re thinking what’s so special about it; you’ve got all the more reasons to stalk the actor’s Insta posts. Well, for the uninitiated, Mr Kher has been taking fitness very, very seriously lately and has been posting some kick-ass photos straight from the gym.

And the results are for all to see:


Soon enough, Anupam Kher’s super sexy dad bod became the talk of social media. However, we always believed there’s more to Mr Kher than just this newly acquired lean physique. 

And it just required a little bit of fooling around his Instagram account to unravel what a princess Anupam Kher has become!   

Don’t believe us? Here are x gorgeous Anupam Kher pictures which should be sitting on the covers of fashion magazines:

 So wish these covers were true and not photoshopped!