After breaking enough of Lana's rules and going through a phase of learning and growth the participants of Netflix's latest reality show Too Hot To Handle had a virtual reunion.

And it was every bit as epic as the show. Don't take my word for it, just see everything that happened on it: 

1. We finally met the cheeky AF narrator Desiree, and she is hella amazing and still serving sass. 

2. Francesca and Harry are still together, in a long-distance relationship. And this is how they're holding on. 

3. Actually, they're not just holding on. The two are engaged and there was a virtual proposal. 

Desiree's expression was literally. all of us. 

4. We finally know what 'Banter' means. 

5. In fact, there was a whole segment of British to English translation with Chloe. 

6. And the self-professed 'not the brightest spark' Chloe even added a new word to her vocabulary. Though, you should probably rely on a real dictionary for its meaning. 

7. Jesus aka Matthew aka our resident spiritual hottie is still in love with Lana. 

It really is the rise of robots! 

8. Also, in a game of Most Likely To Roam The House Naked, everyone picked themselves. No surprises there, TBH.

9. But the other question for which everyone had the same answer was this: Most Likely To Complete Tinder. 

We clearly know who learned nothing from Lana's program. 

10. Going by people who learned nothing from Lana's program, we also have Haley. You know Haley, the one who only smiled when Francesca was around. Well, not much has changed. 

11. Though the one person who had no trouble resisting Francesca was the in-house accountant, Kelz. Or, so we thought. 

Kelz should wear a shirt that says hard on determination. Of course, pun intended. 

12. Also, the reunion showed us that Bryce is quite the player... musically I mean. 

13. Unfortunately, an old love didn't survive beyond paradise. It's the end of #Sharrohnda. 

Rhonda should have picked David. There, I said it! 

However, we still don't know whatever happened to our resident nice guy David, and his budding relationship with Lydia. Desiree, what say you plan another reunion?

All images are screenshots from Netflix.