AbRam Khan – Makes an outing in an SUV – Adorably photographed on top of the car, enjoying the cool breeze of Mumbai and basically having a lot of fun. 


The internet loved it. While what the child does should be none of our business, but this particular image is making us very very uncomfortable. 

This is not cute, it is highly dangerous and irresponsible. The 4-year-old should not have had his head stick out. The 4-year-old should have been wearing a seat belt, the child should have been strapped into a car seat. 


Even if you are driving slowly and you think you are in control. 

It is not safe for an adult to stick out their head in a moving car, let alone a toddler. We have susbtantial evidence to prove why. While this may make you squirm a little, make you a little uncomfortable, but it is important we talk about it, before it is too late. 


In Delhi in 2016, two children were killed in separate accidents in the capital late Monday night after suffering cuts to the neck because of a manjha, or kite string. Both children aged 3 and 4, were sticking their heads out of the sunroof of their car. 

While this simple act of letting your child do what they want and enjoy themselves is well-intentioned, it can often be extremely dangerous. Who doesn’t want their kids to have fun? But we need to be more careful, because they are our responsibility. 


A lot of the times we see kids sitting on their parent’s lap while they are on the steering wheel. Or you find them sitting in the front seat. Please don’t do this to your kids, do not indulge them to the point where it can be dangerous for their own good.

This dangerous trend needs to be addressed because safety always comes first. And like they say, a stitch in time saves nine. 

Stay safe and drive happy.