Siddharth is among the few actors who are vocal on social media. Keeping aside the flak and hatred he gets, the Rang De Basanti, Actor never fails to use social media for activism. 

Recently, Siddharth took to Twitter to question the credibility of box office numbers in films.

Box office worldwide

Here’s what he had to say:

How much is the going commission or rate these days for fudging collection reports of films? Producers have been lying about BO figures for ages. Now the “trade” and “media” have started their “official” figures. All languages, all industries, same. Pan India dishonesty (sic).

In his Tweet, he hinted that over the years movie producers have been fudging with box office numbers. He called it ‘Pan India dishonesty.’

Siddharth has been quite active on Twitter & leaves no stones unturned when it comes to sharing his thoughts.  

In an earlier interview, Siddharth talked about the consequences of his unperturbed opinions and said:

I’m hoping the director cast us as actors, not as our true selves. In the past 15 years, I have tried to live without fear. It comes from being a very secure person. As an actor, you worry about doing your job well, having the wherewithal to do it. In real life, if you stand by your intent, then you are prepared for the consequences. 

He was last seen in the Telugu film, Maha Samudram.