Every time a student ends up taking his life after crumbling under the pressure of studies, many others lose faith in the country’s education system. 

Instances of young students taking their own lives due to inability to cope up with academic pressure have been on an all time high in the past few months. And finally, there’s one man who’s using his celebrity status to encourage students to look beyond their mark-sheets and discover life beyond their grades. 

Yes, we’re talking about Akshay Kumar. 

After addressing various pertinent issues on his social media pages, Akshay is now speaking about the rising suicide rates among students due to academic pressure and relationship troubles. 

Watch Akshay make a strong and valid point in the video below:

He also touches upon mental health and how there is no shame in seeking help despite the taboo that prevails around it in our country.

We really hope that this video helps both students and their parents understand the intricacies of a situation this grave.

More power to you, Akshay!